Weight Training Helps Reduce Abdominal Obesity

When insulin resistance causes abdominal obesity, your chances of also having non-alcoholic fatty liver disease increases. A healthy diet is essential in getting our abdomen in shape, but a healthy diet with physical activity is the most efficient way to eliminate abdominal obesity.

You may have found that aerobic exercise helps you reduce weight, but your waist size changes little. This is the result of a Harvard study. Harvard researchers found that weight training reduces waist size better than aerobic exercise alone. They also found that aerobic exercise combined with weight training is the optimal way to improve your overall health.

I can confirm Harvard’s conclusion from my own experiences. The only time I substantially trimmed my waist size is when I started working at a grocery’s produce department. I spent 8 hours a day lifting and moving 50 pounds of potatoes, 40 pounds of bananas, and moving pallets weight close to a ton. After 6 months, I had to buy suspenders because my waist size shrank more than 2 inches.

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