Eating Foods That Are Good For Your Liver

According to the American Liver Foundation, your liver will only be as healthy as you treat it through diet. Everything you put into your body affects your liver. If you consume lots of liver damaging “bad fats,” sugars, salt and alcohol, you won’t have a healthy liver. However, eat a Mediterranean style diet and limit your alcohol and red meats, and your liver will be as healthy as it can be.

The Mayo Clinic points out that a Mediterranean Diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, “good fats,” spices to replace salt, omega-3 rich fish, small amounts of red wine, and limits on red meat and dairy consumption. You don’t have to worry about detoxing your liver. If you eat the right foods, your liver will detox or clean itself.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are best for your liver. Unprocessed produce contain no added sugars, fats or salts that can cause damage. And they are full of natural nutrients and anti-oxidants to help you achieve optimum health. Make sure you eat a variety of fresh produce with all the healthy colors including purple (eggplants and grapes), reds (peppers and berries), greens (leafy vegetables and peppers) and orange/yellow varieties (citrus fruits and winter squashes).

Nuts and seeds are packed with liver healthy nutrients. This includes peanuts, which is actually a legume. NBC news recently reported that a new study shows people who eat nuts everyday live longer than people who don’t. If you eat peanut butter, however, choose a natural brand that contains only peanuts and a small amount of salt, and no added fats and sugars. As with all foods, fresh is better than processed.

Eat the healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil or canola oil. Greeks don’t use margarine or butter. Instead they dipped whole grain breads in olive oil. So throw away the butter and margarine.

Use healthy spices in place or salt. Your liver will thank you.

When it comes to fish, Brisling Sardines are my favorite. They have little heavy metal contamination, and are full of Vitamins D and B12, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. Salmon and herring are also excellent choices. Stay away from farmed fish, and choose the wild, ocean caught fish for the healthiest fish alternatives.

People who live the longest eat little to no red meats. For optimum health, limit red meats, and choose low fat, organic dairy products. A new study shows that organic milk has more healthy fats than regular milk, because organic milk comes from cows that eat more natural grasses that are loaded with healthy fats.

Just look at the new research that has come out in the past year concerning the benefits of a Mediterranean Diet:

“Mediterranean Diet Good for the Mind”

“Mediterranean Diet…Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes”

“Mediterranean Diet Linked to Preserving Memory”

“Mediterranean Diet Helps Cut Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke”

“Mediterranean Diet Seems to Boost Aging Brain Power”

“Explaining How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease”

“People Who Eat Nuts More Than Three Times a Week Have Reduced Risk of Dying from Cancer or Cardiovascular Disease”

Not only does this diet protect your liver, it also protects your whole body from aging and cancers.

Additional research is also showing that “Coffee and Tea May Contribute to a Healthy Liver,” states Duke Health. It suggests that the naturally occurring caffeine in coffee and tea “may reduce fatty liver in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

If you want a healthy liver, you have to feed it healthy foods. Recent research makes it clear that a Mediterranean type of diet is key to a long and healthy liver and life. Stay away from the “bad fats,” added salts and sugars, and limit your red and processed meat consumption. Eat organic dairies and red wine in moderation. Try to stay away from processed foods, margarine, butter, and drink, in moderation, more coffee and tea.

The Mediterranean Diet

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